NBA All-Time Starting Lineup Fantasy Game: $15 To Build Your Team

Embrace debate (not in the ESPN way though). drummed up one of the best games we’ve seen in a while with this NBA All-Time Starting Lineup fantasy game. You get $15 to pick your starting five. Each position has five players available, and each player is worth a different dollar amount. Players have been valued from $1 to $5. For instance, Michael Jordan is the $5 shooting guard, whereas Dwyane Wade is the $1 shooting guard.

A couple of observations:

  • Hakeem Olajuwon is the steal of the game at $1.
  • Tim Duncan is a value pick based on the fact that Charles Barkley is more expensive. No knock on Chuck, but four titles speak more than none.
  • Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen at a combined $6 is a lethal combination.

So who would you take? Sound off in the comments below!

  • JB

    Give me Magic ($5), Jordan ($5), Pippen ($1), Duncan ($3), Hakeem ($1) and you’ll see us cutting down the nets. Magic can play all positions, so there’s your versatility. Jordan and Pippen are lockdown defenders. Gotta take The Dream at $1, and The Big Fundamental is a steal at $3. Team is air tight. Book it

  • OOC

    Haha…got the same team as below: Magic Johnson , Jordan, Pippen, Olajuwon & Duncan.

  • Adam’s_Apple12

    Magic, Jordan, Pippen, KG, Shaq

  • Heath

    I know Pippen, but still, nobody likes Jordan AND LeBron?! How about Jordan, LeBron, Stockton, Shaq, and KG?

    • JB

      My problem is with Shaq. He played when he wanted and was a liability down the stretch. LBJ and KG would be nasty though – both genetic freaks when in their prime.

      • Heath

        Good point. I’ll swap in Hakeem but keep KG and burn the dollar. Upon looking at stats, Hakeem had the advantage over Shaq with blocks & rebounds, and at times a 75% FT shooter! BTW, Isaiah being more $ than Stockton is crazy.

  • chris

    For size, scoring, ability to match up and play D at any position…

    Magic – Game-changing passer
    Mike – GOAT (unstoppable and can shut down other SG)
    Durant – For the sheer size and scoring at the 3 spot
    Garnett – Can play 4 or 5, great range, great defender
    Shaq – Just a giant, overpowering beast on the block in his prime

  • TheDrunkenJayhawk


  • Gabriel Sentongo


  • Billy

    Stockton ($2), Jordan ($5), Bird ($4), Duncan($3), and Hakeem ($1). Stockton-holds the record for assists and is 41st all time scoring list. Jordan- no words needed. Larry Bird- one of the most prolific scorers and one of the most tenacious, also my personal favorite player. Duncan- 5 titles and the most consistent player still active. Hakeem- supremely underrated at only 1 dollar, one of the best centers of all time. Clutch city baby