76ers Fan’s 2015 NBA Champs Tattoo Is Ass Ink

Apparently getting premature championship tattoos is a thing now. A Seattle fan had his ink come true last season, while a Kentucky Wildcats fan came within one game. This year we’ve already seen a Lions fan’s wishful thinking, and now a Philadelphia 76ers fan has followed suit.

Instagram user @stricktheprick shared his new ass art with the world on recently, asking for a little help from his team’s up-and-coming stars.

Bold prediction or nah? #ShowYaLuv #TogetherWeBuild @nerlensnoel3 @mr_carter5@joelembiid Help me out bruh?

Unlike the other premature tattoos, at least his is in a place where the sun doesn’t shine, because let’s be honest, the 76ers aren’t winning the championship this year.

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