9/11 truther crashes Malcom Smith’s Super Bowl press conference: Fans react on Twitter

It wasn’t until after the big game on Sunday night that things got interesting. During Malcom Smith’s post-game Super Bowl press conference, a 9/11 truther crashed the stage and grabbed the mic.

While the guy was probably hauled off to an undisclosed area, Twitter responded accordingly. Here’s a round up of the best fan reactions.

  • Isaac Euler

    I’m glad he did that at one of our most important distractions from all the crap that goes on around us.

  • mamamia1993

    It wasn’t genuine, it was planned beforehand. They like to do stuff like this to condition people to laugh at “conspiracies” and think they’re crazy. For example, Alex Jones, he is actually part of it. 9/11 really was an inside job though. They like to use derogatory terms such as truthers or conspiracy theorists as well. birthers, ect. trying to label them and separate us….