AJ McCarron’s mom deletes tweet on Jameis Winston and his English

AJ McCarron’s mom, Dee Dee Bonner, got a little salty on Twitter following the BCS National Championship Game on Monday night. Bonner sent the following tweeting asking if she was listening to English during James Winston’s post-game interview, but then quickly deleted it.

WATCH: Jameis Winston’s post-game speech

  • Matt

    What a dumb bitch. Get over it.

  • Steve O

    Dumb idiot just mad because her little bitch baby boy is not in the playoffs. Go fuck yourself bitch!!

  • Dee

    shes from the south, what do you expect.
    pure ignorance.
    but to be honest, when I first heard Jameis Winston speak, I really had to listen close, if he’s gonna be on the national stage, he should really learn to enunciate his words a bit better, after all the brotha is in college.

    • GoldenBearMan

      Question for you DEE, what has “being from the South” have to do with it? That is as racist as the English remark. So what that does make you?

      • Dee

        Its not a racist comment, If you picked up a book you would read about the rich history of racism and bigotry that was pervasive in the South, specifically Ala freeking Bama.
        and you my friend would be more of an idiot than i already believe you to be, if you dont think that mentality still lives and breathes there.
        I have two kids in college, one at Stanford and another at USC both on academic scholarships, when we received letters of interest from Alabama, Ole Miss etc, the were quickly thrown in the trash without any intent of reply.

        • Nunya Bizzs

          So Dee, are you really proclaiming that racism ONLY exist in the south? I don’t think that his comment was racist except when he was being facetious with the “brotha” jab BUT how are you any better than anyone else, including those racist people in the south by inferring that Alabama, Ole Miss, etc weren’t good enough for your children JUST BECAUSE they’re in the south. Trust me sweetie, the south is not hurting for their share of students due to favorable tuition rates, inexpensive cost of living, and warm climate and it’s a good thing that snobs like you don’t send your kids to the south.

          • Dee

            look at the graduation rate of Alabama and Ole Miss
            no those schools arent good enough

          • Nunya Bizzs

            So you’re saying that your kids would have been influenced by that and NOT graduated themselves?? Furthermore, last I heard Alabama’s graduation rate was above national average. You were talking about racist comments and racism history and somehow made your statement about your kids that NO ONE cares about. They are free to go to any college that they choose, scholarship or not. What does that have to do with racism?? Do you think that racist people are not at Stanford or USC?? TRUST ME, IF PEOPLE ARE AT STANFORD AND USC, THEN RACISM WILL BE TOO!

          • Bizzs Nunya

            Not true, actually. National college graduation average for the US is 55%. Alabama is at 41%, MS at 38%. Stanford 80%, and USC 73%.

        • Nunyabidness

          Written like a true bigot who tries to justify their own position while vilifying others. If you think that racism does not exist in other segments of the country then you also show your ignorance.

      • Mike Radio

        Because you didnt hear anyone from the North, West or East say it you Dumbass.

        • Nunya Bizzs

          And yet the northerners, westerners and easterners all have their specific dialects as well as southern whites but white people are always wanting to complain about black southerners dialects and speech patterns. Guess what, IT’S DUE TO DIFFERENT HISTORICAL CULTURES

    • Nunya Bizzs

      So how is her statement any different from yours but you degrade her comment as “she’s from the south, what do you expect”. Does that mean you’re from the south also?

    • Rodney O’Hara

      Dee, I somewhat agree with you but the part about being from the south. With that statement you sound very ignorant. Winston is no different than a lot of people in America. Some of the best speakers ever had to learn how to speak in public.
      Since when did what part of the country you from determine your intelligence level? I’m from the south and have traveled all over this beautiful country. I have seen intelligent and ignorant people all over, not just in the south and yes that include your famous Stanford college.

  • Nunya Bizzs

    You know what’s funny to me? You all are use to southern accents from white people from TN, SC, MS and even places like WV and they mispronounce words and use broken English but then you always have something to say when the person is black. Black people speak a broken English that reflects years of culture as well as being from the South. SO WHAT EXACTLY IS THE PROBLEM? YOU’RE USE TO IT, IT’S JUST WHEN THE PERSON IS BLACK THAT YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!

    • Rick

      I agree
      The Cars character Mater proves your point 100%. because he’s white its funny. Duck Dynasty is funny,…if those people were black they would be considered dumb and ghetto.

    • AG2014

      Nunya, In all seriousness, no matter where Whinston is from, his speech was embarrasingly inarticulate and came off as unintelligent. North, south, east, or west; speaking in that manner will hinder the normal person’s professional progress. Any parent that does not observe that needs to face reality. Aspire to play like him but explain to your child the need to articulate their intelligence.

    • Nunyabidness

      There is a huge difference between an accent and not being able to speak, maybe you should learn the definitions prior to posting. He could not put together a coherent sentence during his interview but why is it racist to point that out? Plenty of white and Hispanic athletes have the same problem and I have the same concern with our education system. Considering the dismal careers of many Heisman Trophy winners it would not hurt to learn how to speak and enunciate the words coming out of is mouth. He comes across as very personable and likable so having a backup plan would not hurt.

  • Nunya Bizzs

    The thing that gets me about AJ McCarron’s mother is that she would not be thinking about K. Webb if she wasn’t a model and because K. Webb is getting so much UNNECESSARY attention, mother McCarron is living vicariously off the residual attention! SIT YO OLD WRINKLE BOOTY DOWN!

  • Darnell

    All I can say is thank God for the South! I love living here and I wouldn’t live anywhere else. Her comment was nasty no matter where she is from. Two southern teams playing for the BCS title. Need I say more?

    • Shelly B

      you say thank god for the south because you don’t know any different.
      the south leads the country in the largest weather related catastrophes, also leads the country in high school drop out rates, leads the country in hate crimes, leads the country in obesity, leads the country in unemployment, leads the country in poverty per capita, leads the country in incarcerated youths under the age of 16, leads the country in political attempted assassinations, leads the nations in alcohol related deaths, and I can go on.
      keep thanking god for the south.
      and I’ll keep thanking God i was never born there.

      • ShellyBhernonsensesouthbs

        Shelly, are you related to Dee Dee? Go f’ yourself… and just FYI, the south thanks God that you were never born here. Damn yankee!

      • CFB

        It’s very easy to cast aspersions; maybe you’re correct, then again maybe you’re not. Next time site your sources so you don’t look like a hateful dumbazz.

      • opspender

        Chicago, NYC, Detroit…not in the south…you sweet little ol thang you.

  • NobodyImportant

    Bill Cosby agrees.

  • BT

    I think jameis really should have supplied a translator…out of consideration for the national television audience…

  • Common Sense

    Thank you Dee Dee Kent McCarron Bonner McCarron (back to previous married name because NFL) for showing the world your ugly bitterness & disgusting hypocrisy. She may not be *racist but she is infamous for attacking people on Twitter who even constructively & professionally critique AJ. (*tweets about Jameis sent by her nephew Rusty & favorited by her, her other son Corey & Katherine show just how much they despise him personally.)

    She promotes herself as a charitable soul who loves children yet has never, not once, tried to promote the efforts to find her brother Dustin Kent’s niece, Brittney Wood – even before he was arrested the first time. Brittney disappeared almost two years ago from his neighborhood.

    Dee Dee and her family knew Brittney (obviously) but has never even so much as sent a RT about her. Nor has she spoken out against her brother’s multiple charges of r@pe & inc3st of multiple children under 12 (large family ped0 ring). She has never distanced herself from her parents who housed him & are likely the “mysterious” benefactor paying for his very expensive private attorney… unless the longterm coverup goes into even deeper pockets.

    A note to Dee Dee – your brother Dustin goes back to court again in Baldwin County on Friday for five of his numerous indictments, correct? Here’s hoping that karma bus keeps on rolling through the charges in Mobile County!

    I also hope you find some of that integrity you always preach about and finally try to do some good for the child victims in your own family. MCSO & KlaasKIDS are still looking for Brittney’s body in Dustin’s old neighborhood – your dad still owns the trailer, right? Maybe you can use that as an opportunity to finally contribute.

  • WLS3434

    So jealous it’s not her son! Her son got his token player of the year, and Johnny Unites award so now he can go be a back up for the next 3 years in the NFL, another token and fade away.

    • James Tollard

      In all seriousness, no matter where Whinston is from, his speech was embarrasingly inarticulate and came off as unintelligent. North, south, east, or west; speaking in that manner will hinder the normal person’s professional progress. Any parent that does not observe that needs to face reality. Aspire to play like him but explain to your child the need to articulate their intelligence.

    • Nunyabidness

      Her son has a much better shot, statistically speaking, of making it in the NFL than Winston does at this point. His records and achievements are pretty amazing and he a much more prototypical player that has a chance in the NFL.

  • RonStevens

    Yeah, he needs to practice. Go back and listen to it. He doesn’t even make sense.

  • Daris Darrison

    Why did the sports media ever elevate this white trash jackass to a position where anything she says matters? Back in the day (like…a year ago) you might see a mom or dad in the stands on TV. Awwww, that’s nice. Now we get a friggin’ “reality star wannabe” in this fame whore. I can understand the morally bankrupt entertainment industry gobbling up Bonner-now-back-to-McCarron, since entertainment TV loves a good cum gobbler itself, but why the sports media ever went down the road of covering this ignorant twat is beyond me.

    • Nunyabidness

      Guess the adage ” It takes one to know one” comes into play about now.

  • Seriously???

    You people are ridiculous. I could understand everything he was saying. Granted, he is not articulate, nor does he use proper grammar by any means. He is not well spoken, but I had no problem understanding what he was saying. Its a free country. AJ’s mom can say whatever she wants. It doesn’t make he white trash though. Maybe she is jealous…maybe she is racist…who knows. The kid just won a national championship and played hard and fought through adversity. He can work on his English in the mean time. He’s obviously not there for any other reason besides bringing the title back to FSU. Haters!

    • Nunyabidness

      You last comment summed up the entire problem “He’s obviously not there for any other reason besides bringing the title back to FSU).He is attending a university, which per Merriam-Webster is an educational institution designed for instruction, examination, or both, of students in many branches of advanced learning, conferring degrees in various faculties, and often embodying colleges and similar institutions.

      He is there to learn and receive an education and an opportunity to advance himself in life, which may or may not be in professional sports.