Dealership offers free cars for Auburn shutout of Alabama in Iron Bowl

For another reason why Alabama-Auburn is the best rivalry in college football, check out the promotion at Lynch Toyota of Auburn. The dealership is offering free cars if the Crimson Tide are shut out.

Guidelines for the promotion are as follows: anyone who buys a car from the dealership between Nov. 19-29 will be eligible for a full refund. To earn the refund, Auburn must shut out Alabama. As an added bonus, any person that test drives a car during the same timespan gets entered into a $25,000 lottery. If Auburn beats Alabama, no shutout needed, one contestant will win the money.

It may seem like a long-shot, but Auburn has blanked the Tide four times in the series’ history, the most recent coming in 2000. Regardless, this is a great promotion for one of the most intense rivalries in all of sports.

  • Drew

    I also heard that hell is getting an ice skating rink soon too..

  • Alan

    Not the best rivalry. What a joke to even say that.

    • Joseph Boyd

      Which one of the idiots will buy the car?

    • Barbara Maxwell Gamble

      Who is the best rivalry (in your mind), Alan?

  • JT74

    Only offering because they know it isn’t a snowballs chance in hell of that happening.

  • Tidezealot

    The Crimson Tide will be scoring points galore.

    ROLL TIDE !!!

  • Vance Tullier

    To the person who doesn’t think this is one of the biggest Rivalries in
    all of college football… Wow, you should really try getting out more
    because you’re either extremely ignorant, utterly deluded, and possibly in outright denial. I’ve gotten to go to some fantastic rivalry games over the years as I moved around and honestly I’ve only found one that I think is remotely comparable but clearly not superior.

  • Sarah

    This dealership is copying the same promotion the Jeff Dennis Jewelers did last year!!!

  • Roy Nolan Ledbetter

    Hey lynch the odds of you actually giving away cars is to say if Alabama shuts-out Auburn. Remind me to never shop for a car in Auburn,As Bugs Bunny would say what a MAROON!!!!

  • abrellbama

    So what happens if Bama shuts out Auburn again?