VIDEO: ‘Gump Run Kick Six’ Trolls The Tide

The Alabama-Auburn rivalry is one of yin and yang, with our latest example coming form Bama’s Fan Day on Sunday.

It was a fun time for the Crimson Tide faithful, complete with practice, speeches from the coaching staff, and autograph sessions. Heck, some fans showed up 103 hours early so as not to miss the festivities. This is the Yin.

The Yang comes from eager-to-pounce Auburn fans. They overdubbed a video of Bama folks rushing to autograph lines with the 2013 Iron Bowl radio call, titled it “Gump Run Kick Six,” and sent the sucker out onto the interwebs.

An early-season reminder that when one fan base is happy, it’s the other’s sworn duty to pull them back to Earth.

[Reddit via @TigerTalk]