Alabama suspends block seating for 20 of 36 student sections

It looks like Nick Saban wasn’t the only person upset by all the early departures from Alabama’s 52-0 blowout win against Arkansas in Week 8. According to, block seating for 20 of the 36 student sections in Bryant-Denny Stadium have been suspended for Saturday’s game against the upset-minded Tennessee Volunteers.

The decision to suspend the blocks did not come easily. Administrators reviewed photos and video from the second half of the Razorbacks game before deciding to suspend the blocks.

The university’s Student Government Association (SGA) did not release the names of the 20 suspended groups. They did say that individuals possessing tickets to the Tennessee game will still be able to go, but will not have reserved seats.

Student groups who continue to leave early, or fail to show up, will be at risk for losing tickets for the rest of the season.

In the Student Organization Seating handbook, updated in July 2013, “excessive tardiness or early departure from the stadium” is listed as “unacceptable behavior.”

According to the handbook, an organization’s first offense would result in the loss of block seating for the next conference game and the second offense would result in the loss of seating for all remaining games.

The SGA is not shying away from this issue. The association is going to continue to encourage fans for all four quarters.

“SGA will continue to encourage sustained student attendance at football games,” SGA President Jimmy Taylor said in a prepared statement released Tuesday. “We are currently and will always research other programs and initiatives to support this goal and any other goals that work to enhance the student experience at The University of Alabama.”

When Coach Saban talks, people listen. He had a problem with fans leaving early, so the university responded. Bryant-Denny Stadium should be rocking for the rest of the season.