Barack Obama’s 2014 March Madness Bracket: 10 Takeaways

President Barack Obama has submitted his official 2014 March Madness bracket to ESPN’s tournament challenge. It turns out that Michigan State is America’s team, because POTUS has jumped aboard its ship (along with all of ESPN).

In effort to peek behind the veil and glean a little more information on how the leader of the free world thinks, here are 10 takeaways from his bracket.

  1. POTUS plays it safe. He only has five upsets in the opening round – two are an 8/9 matchup (so that doesn’t really count) and two are 5/12 pairings (there’s usually one every year).
  2. He’s a homer. One of those 12/5 upsets is Harvard over Cincinnati (Obama received his law degree from Harvard).
  3. No DC love: George Washington isn’t making it past its first game.
  4. Ain’t nobody got time for that: The president filled out his bracket before all of the “first four” games were complete (no play-in teams advance beyond the field of 64).
  5. There are two No. 4 seeds in the title game: two presidential terms, each four years, eh, eh?
  6. UNC love continues. Obama famously played ball with the Tar Heels while campaigning in ’08. He’s loyal to Ol’ Roy, pushing the sixth-seeded Heels into the second weekend.
  7. The President likes a good deuce: All No. 2 seeds advance to the Elite 8 except one (Michigan) – who loses to Dook Duke.
  8. Obama values experience over talent. Three of his Final Four teams are battle-tested, veteran teams. Beyond that, he has Wichita State defeating Kentucky.
  9. Status quo holds: There are no Cinderellas in this bracket.
  10. Soft love for Florida continues. For the second consecutive year POTUS has UF in the Final Four, but not in the title game. He also has Louisville in the final game for a second consecutive season.