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#CrabGate Memes: Jameis Winston Steals Crab Legs From Publix

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The sports world woke up to a culinary treat on Wednesday morning when news broke that Jameis Winston had been cited for stealing crab legs from Publix. It didnt’ take long for the Jameis Winston #CrabGate memes to crawl out of photoshop and take over the Internet.

Winston must have been living by the whole “if we gonna do it den, we gonna do it big den” mantra, because crab legs are quite the item to steal. The Heisman winner walked right past the candy bars and went for the big time. Did he stop to think for a minute that he was trying to stuff crab legs into, say, his FSU championship jacket? Or maybe about how everyone in the store might recognize him as their star quarterback? I don’t know if I’ll ever understand the thought process behind this.

[TWITTER TAKES: Best Reactions To Jameis Winston Stealing Crab Legs]

Luckily, we’re not here to understand anything. We’re here to embrace the hate, and laugh at the best memes Winston’s bonehead move has to offer.

jameis winston crab legs meme

jameis winston crab legs meme 2

free shellfish university meme

Let’s take another look at that beautiful trophy.

jameis winston crab legs meme 3


Best Reactions To Jameis Winston Stealing Crab Legs

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