Big Ten Keeping Track Of Team Hot Dogs Eaten With Scoreboard

You didn’t think the Big Ten was pumping out those gourmet stoner dogs without any sort of analytics, did you? No way, they are keeping track of those bad boys, monitoring “school spirit” with a handy-dandy dry erase scoreboard.



For those keeping track at home, Indiana’s dog with coleslaw, red pepper relish and fried onions stormed out to a commanding lead. Next is Minnesota’s chili-cheese dog, topped with onions and Fritos.

Sucking hind tit is Penn State’s dog, containing course grain mustard, jalapeño relish, blue corn tortillas and sauerkraut. Though it looks like the eight people who mustered up the courage to chow down on Thursday really enjoyed it.

With the weekend remaining, don’t sleep on Michigan State: pepper jack, jalapeño pickle relish and spicy mustard.