Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson writes thank you letter to fans

This is becoming a bit of a fad, not that there’s anything wrong with that. If anything, it’s nice to see players, coaches and owners acknowledge the fans. Here is a thank you note written by Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, published in the Charlotte Observer.

Below is a transcription:

Thank you Panthers fans, players, coaches and organization for a memorable season. 

We fell short of our ultimate goal of winning the Super Bowl, but not for lack of effort. Progress was made and we now have an opportunity to build upon it.

A 12-win season, NFC South championship, and a playoff birth have laid the foundation. None of this would have been possible without a complete team effort.

Thank you – 

Jerry Richardson

  • fbc28277

    Memorable season, not miserable season. Jeez does no one proof read anymore?

  • Gamedayr

    Not sure how that got past the goalie. Thank you for pointing out – considering it changes the entire meaning of the post. We have amended.