LA Clippers Fans Start Crowdsourcing Campaign To Buy Team

Considering everybody and their brother wants to buy the Los Angeles Clippers from Donald Sterling, it’s not surprising that a crowdsourcing initiative has come about. These two guys, Russell and Tim, have started a Crowdtilt campaign to purchase the team.

I hate to be the turd in the punchbowl, but $600M isn’t even a pipe dream; it’s a pipe cleaner dream. And let’s say, hypothetically, that you do get the money and the price tag hasn’t exceeded $600M (some believe the team could fetch $1B). Do we really think that Donald Sterling would sell to an initiative headed up by two Asian Americans? The guy seems to dislike any minority unless they’re between the sheets.

I admire your philanthropic goals with this project, guys, so here’s some unsolicited advice. Let’s say we scale back a bit. Why don’t we crowd source enough money to buy court side (or a block section) for all next season. Then give the tickets to underprivileged, minority children and create some memories. It’s attainable, it impacts the community and it makes the statement you’re looking for. I’m sure the new, non-racist owner of the team will even get behind the initiative. Good luck, gents.