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‘Daylight Saban Time’ t-shirts troll Alabama following Iron Bowl

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Sorry Alabama, it’s going to be a very long time (read: forever) until the pain from the 2013 Iron Bowl miracle goes away.

Fans are now trolling Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide with these “Daylight Saban Time” t-shirts.

The shirts read, “Daylight Saban Time. Set your clock back 1 SECOND. Then throw your team under the bus.”

Go ahead, Auburn fans, pick one of these up for your Tide friends for the holidays. Just be careful that they don’t get too mad and try to attack you.

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  • Barry Bond

    If Nick made a few joeks and smiled and encouraged having fun on the games this T shirt sht would never happend- he sort of deserves it – the holier than though attitude always – alwasy comes back to get you – Nick make it look like your having fun – its a dream job – enjoy it with everyone

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