Detroit Lions Fan’s 2015 Super Bowl Champs Tattoo Is The New Browns Jersey

The Seattle Seahawks fan who inked his body last season has inspired a Detroit Lions fan to get a little artwork of his own. In hopes that Matthew Stafford and co. will bring home the Lombardi Trophy, this guy got a “2015 Super Bowl Champs” tattoo – seriously.

But wait, there’s more. According to a Deadspin commenter, he is willing to turn this bad boy into the new Browns quarterback jersey.

This guy was on the radio this morning, and he fully admitted that he’s willing to cross out the 2015, and add as many years down the leg as is necessary.

The funny thing was, he said “Well, we’ve tried everything else to bring a Super Bowl here.”

Who knows, maybe his blind faith will bring a little good luck to a team with zero Super Bowl appearances.

detroit lions super bowl champs tattoo

Fans: they never cease to amaze.

[Deadspin, via Facebook]