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DJ Khaled Brings ‘First Take’ To The Streets


DJ Khaled embraced debate on Tuesday, and brought the streets to ESPN’s “First Take.” The entire segment was … interesting. Here are some takeaways, followed by the video.

  • DJ Khaled sources “The Streets” as to whom told him the Spurs cheated in Game 1.
  • A good reporter, and DJ for that matter, never gives up his sources.
  • No word on what The Sidewalks think, but sources tell me they’re with the Spurs.
  • Even all the obtrusive graphics in the world can’t cover the beautiful, bikini-clad women in Miami.
  • Skip Bayless refers to Khaled as DJ (like he’s DJ Tanner or DJ Conner).
  • There will probably be a new Miami party anthem titled “Kiss the Ring” should the Heat win this series.
  • “It is what it is” is what it is as the worst debate copout ever.
  • Khaled likes Richard Sherman’s stomach because he “keeps it 100.”
  • Khaled is never nervous.
  • Segments like this – when fans come to debate – make you realize that Bayless and Richard Sherman’s stomachs are actually good at their jobs.


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