ESPN Releases ‘I Believe’ Hype Video Ahead of USA vs. Portugal Tonight

ESPN released a short, 30 second clip, of US Men’s National Team fans around the country doing their signature chant “I believe that we will win”. The video starts in Lawrence, Kansas and spreads to New York City, Chicago, Portland and Boston. It even goes international with footage from Rio de Janeiro and Natal, Brazil.

Team USA will face Portugal at 6pm ET tonight in World Cup play. If USA wins, they will move on to the round of 16 and will knock Portugal out of the World Cup.

Also, here’s a little nugget of information for all of you. The chant “I believe that we will win” was started by a platoon leader at the Naval Academy in 1998 and has spread from there. It was heard and adopted by the USMNT unofficial fan club, The American Outlaws, in 2011.

Now go win some bar bets.