Fan’s Nick Saban Impression For USA-Germany Match Is Spot On

If Nick Saban was the team USA head coach, how would he respond to reporters following Thursday’s match against Germany? Thanks to this fan the world now knows.

Spot on might be an understatement. From his voice, to his mannerisms, to what he actually says, Mike Romano absolutely nails the Saban impression. Go ahead and listen to it without looking at the video; you’ll feel like Tricky Nicky is on the other side addressing the media.

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Our guy Mike Romano blew up with this impression. And kudos to him. He’s got some solid chops when it comes to mimicking professionals, but his Saban impersonation is the best. After the above video blew up, he discussed the positive reception from fans with

“It has been mostly positive,” said Roman, who said the Saban video was viewed more than 100,000 times in the first 24 hours. “People have written back to tell me it was outstanding, uncanny and spot on. Some said it deserved a Tony, an Emmy. It is all very flattering to know people appreciate it.”

We expect to see Romano popping up here, there and everywhere, especially throughout football seasons. And if Saban stays on top of the world in Tuscaloosa, he should be able to parlay that to the bank for years to come.