Fans Cash In On Luis Suarez Biting Bets

Luis Suarez’s biting escapade may have put his World Cup in jeopardy, and yes, Giorgio Chillini’s shoulder has seen better days, but somebody came out of the whole thing a winner. No, not the endless amount of restaurant chains and candies that hopped aboard the Twitter marketing train; I’m talking about real winners. At least two fans cashed in by placing bets on Suarez biting somebody during the tournament.

Courtesy of the magical Google Translate, here’s a loose reading: “THANKS again, Suarez. Thanks for the 1750 profit.”

Thanks to the combined power of Reddit and once again Google Translate, here is some info on the second fan (for the Norwegian inclined, click here), courtesy of TV2.

Richard Helmersen had in fact put 100 dollars on that Suárez came to bite an opponent during the championship. And at odds of 175, he had suddenly earned a 17,500 profit.

“It’s really quite surreal. I sit the course to watching the game and when it happens it starts to tick the messages from buddies who knew I’d put money on it. It’s quite fun,” he says.

Helmersen also told TV2 that he planned to use the extra scratch on a summer vacation in south Norway, and possibly a football trip in England. Oh sweet irony.