Florida-FSU Rivalry: 9 Times Gators Owned Noles In Facebook Trash Talk

The Florida-FSU rivalry knows no offseason, proved most recently by Jameis Winston’s CrabGate. Gator fans, as well as those of other teams, had a field day with the news by producing memes on top of memes, and cracking joke after joke. Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be a real rivalry if fans didn’t trash talk.

Our friends at Intelligent Apples have put together a list of nine times Gators have owned the Noles on Facebook with photos. We’ve collected a handful of them here, for more click here.


florida fsu rivalry 2

Hey, look – we’re no scientists but we’re pretty sure that energy doesn’t equal Florida State University over ‘sucks’. Still, who are we to argue with Albert Einstein, huh? As the great man once said, “Concepts that have proven useful in ordering things easily achieve such authority over us that we forget their earthly origins and accept them as unalterable givens. Go Gators!” Whoever posted this picture on Facebook clearly knows their scientists.

Free Seafood University

florida fsu rivalry 3

The Jameis Winston jokes just keep on a-coming on Facebook, with this amusing redesign of the FSU sweater. We still can’t get over Winston stealing those crab legs. It was just, so… what’s the word? Shellfish!

We’re not even sorry.

Why Steal Crabs When They’re Free?

florida fsu rivalry 1

Jameis Winston has, shall we say, something of a ‘chequered’ history. To put it politely. But his recent arrest for shoplifting crab legs was just crazy. Not to mention shellfish. Geddit? ‘Shellfish’/’selfish’… Yeah. Luckily, Gators fans are capable of better crab-based jokes than us.

Wash It Out

florida fsu rivalry 4

Hang on, wouldn’t that just leave you with an ‘R’…?

There’s Really No Explanation Needed

florida fsu rivalry

You don’t always need a clever joke or witty comment to accompany your pee-taking Facebook photo. The Gators fan that posted this picture knew that no words could make these Seminoles fans looks any more ridiculous than they already do. Look at them. We bet the guy in his underpants and cape thought he’d win the ‘Worst Superhero Costume’ award at this tailgate party. He didn’t account for Iron Man turning up in his pajamas, though.

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