Florida Gators Lorde Parody Takes A Royal Deuce On FSU

The latest parody of Lorde’s “Royals” to hit the web comes from the University of Florida, and it takes a big deuce on FSU. While you ‘Noles fans out there will undoubtedly take pot shots at Kira Silverman’s singing, wardrobe choice and aesthetics, here’s the thing: (come close to the screen for my whisper font) you’re supposed to.

The true beauty of this video is that it shits on Florida State by sprinkling in truisms throughout the absurdity. It’s sleight of hand – meta, if you will.

So enjoy the video, Gators fans. And embrace the hate, Seminoles. It’s all in good fun.

Go Gata.

  • Billy

    probably the worst video ive ever seen

  • Billy

    and i go to UF

  • Boom-Lawyered!

    There’s a gator fan who’s proud of this? That just makes it worse.

  • Varona

    You honestly can’t be serious with this…. It isn’t even hate…. Its awful. Just like a skid mark on a really attractive chick’s underwear. God shed one single solitary tear after watching this girl’s video.