FSU ‘Loyals’ Gives Fantastic Response To Gators Lorde Parody

Lorde probably never planned for her hit song “Royals” to spinoff 1,000 ways from Sunday and become a shit-talking anthem, but here we are. In response to the viral UF parody that spanked FSU, a ‘Noles fan released his own video titled “Loyals.”

While he lacks the comedic subtlety of his Gainesville counterpart, this dude corners the market with bluntness. F-bomb fillers, beer pong references, everybody getting laid, loyalty to the old logo: this thing is glorious. Once you get past the timing issues, early misogyny and blatant lie about Gatorade tasting like piss, what’s not to love about this video? It’s a rivalry at its best.

You’re up, UF. Let’s keep this thing going.

Warning: NSFW work language used in the video.