Fan Barehanded A Giancarlo Stanton Home Run, Which Was A Bad Decision

TIL: NEVER barehand a Giancarlo Stanton home run ball. If you don’t have a glove, hat, or something else to catch it with besides your hands, please remove yourself from the area.

Jordan Jacobson, a fan taking in the Home Run Derby on Monday night, learned the hard lesson of snagging a Stanton scorcher. He showed off his bruised hand on Twitter after attempting the catch. Yes, you read that correctly, he didn’t even get the ball.

“It was extremely painful at first, then went numb after about 15 minutes,” Jacobson says. “It probably would have felt better if I would have gotten the ball.”

Milk looks like a great decision compared to that.

*UPDTAE* Turns out the fan’s story about attempting to catch a Stanton home run was fabricated.

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