GIF: Girl in cape rushes field at 2014 Pro Bowl

A girl, a cape, and a dream to rush the field at the 2014 Pro Bowl. You can take her freedom, but you can never take this moment from her.

[GIF via @_MarcusD_]

  • Darian

    She is using the New Mexico state flag as a cape.

  • Joe

    She was in the parking lot after the game. I overheard her say Deion Sanders kept her out of jail.

  • nicesteve

    Granted, that she has beautiful legs, and a gorgeous ass, however seen
    better heads on five day old beer. What a pinheaded girl!

  • ricky d

    I got to meet her afterwards she is awesome I’m really honored to have witness her acomplishment shes got an attitude that the rest of the young world needs you rock girl and keep on rockin