Hashflags: Twitter’s 2014 World Cup Of Tweets

Move over hashtags, it’s time once again to make room for hashflags. Essentially the same concept as the hashtag we’ve come to know and love, Twitter has launched a patriotic means for fans to communicate and rep their countries with during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Simply hashtag a three letter country code and that nation’s flag will automatically appear next to it.


Twitter first introduced the hashflag during the 2010 World Cup, however since then, the social media platform has taken a meteoric rise. Activity from four years ago during the World Cup will likely pale in comparison to this year’s tournament. Expect many more hashflags to be flying around the Twitterverse.

The use of the hashflag is also going to provide Twitter with the 2014 World Cup of Tweets. Twitter’s bracket will be unveiled prior to the tournament’s opening match on Thursday. You can vote for your team here, or simply use a hashflag in your tweet for it to count towards the bracket.

For more on maximizing Twitter to enhance your World Cup experience, check out this guide on how to follow.