How to make an ‘Alcohockey’ table: Step-by-step guide

Our minds were recently blown when Canadians introduced the world to the drinking game “Alcohockey.” We immediately dissected the game in an effort to try to determine if it was better than America’s favorite drinking sport, beer pong. As hard as it is for us to stomach, we found that it is.

[Alcohockey: 10 reasons why Canada’s drinking game dominates beer pong]

For those of you who, like us, have been dying to take a crack at the game (as well as a few brews), a Reddit user has documented the creation of his table.

He posted the following photos of the construction process with the description below:

All in all took about 200 bucks and 2 weekends to make, including the 50 dollar 4″ drill head and 80 for the table. It helps make the jersey hurt less…

[Thanks to Next Impulse Sports for the hat tip]