Photo: White people wobbling at a Jacksonville Jaguars tailgate is just groovy

This moment went a little something like this…

Wobble baby, wobble baby, wobble baby, wobble (yeah)
Get in there, yeah, yeah
Ey big girl make em’ back it up, make em’ back it up

I got em’ shakin their boobies like congos,
Man I’m shaking the city like quakes.
The haters blue the face like gonzo,
Cause I’m rakin a cake so let’s bake.
I’m taking the game, the games mine.
Ya’ll witness a change it’s my time.
Yea I’m new to the game but ya’ll might wanna save ya whack raps daylight saving time
I could dance homie, I don’t 2-step,
Ya’ll looking at something like a true player.
A girl told me that a man that could dance might could possibly get down with the tool in his pants.
Now all my ladies let me see you vibrate.
And when it’s over you ain’t gon need ya vibrator.
Cause I’m a pro, make ya bend ya back low den just pound it real fast just like purkulator

Note: We can’t 100% confirm that it was the wobble, but we are assuming from the position of everyone in the picture.