Jameis Winston Crab Legs Punishment: Best Twitter Reactions

Jameis Winston shoplifted forgot to pay for his crab legs at Publix on Tuesday. FORGOT, people. Come on, never would Jameis Winston walk out of Publix with a free cluster of crab legs. NEVER.

Just to set that record straight, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office held a presser on Wednesday regarding Winston’s punishment. Because Publix decided to not to prosecute, Winston was given 20 hours of community service and then turned back out into the world. He’s also suspended from the baseball team (read: most likely until ACC Tournament play).

While Publix, LCSO and FSU were ready to move past the “misunderstanding” that you must pay for groceries nowadays, Twitter was not. Here is a collection of the best reactions.

Details On Jameis Winston’s Punisment