James Michael McAdoo Leaves UNC For NBA: Twitter Reacts

James Michael McAdoo announced the decision to forego his senior year at UNC and enter the NBA Draft. It seems like whenever you think these guys are going to stay (looking at you, Kendall Marshall), or even worse, you know they should stay (looking at you, Brandan Wright), they leave.

I emailed my father, a UNC alumnus raised by the Book of Dean in Carmichael Cathedral, the news and he was surprisingly blasé. His response: “He’s afraid he will be worse next year … Brice Johnson is ready to shine.” Well alrighty then.

With that, I planned not to write on the surprising (to me, at least) story. That is, until McAdoo started trending on Twitter.

Rather than break down three frustrating years of midrange jumpers and patchy beards, let’s instead take a gander at the Twitterverse’s feelings. For what it’s worth: I’m sad to see him go because a team can never have too much senior leadership. Nevertheless, I wish him the best in pursuing his dream.

Now onwards to the snark!