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Johnny Cleveland Rap Song Is Ready To ‘Wreck This League’

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He hasn’t even stepped on the field yet and Johnny Manziel is already making the lives of Cleveland Browns fans more enjoyable. This Johnny Cleveland rap song, titled “Wreck This League,” is the latest piece of fanfare that’s come out of The Forest City.

I promise this is the last time, but this could have been you, Jacksonville. The Jaguars could have have been plastered in Time Square, across the blogosphere, and on every piece of merchandise this great country is currently printing. Oh yeah, and LeBron James would be rocking your jersey. But you chose Lindsey Duk … I mean Blake Bortles instead – don’t take this as a knock on him, he very well could be the quarterback that brings the franchise longterm success. Johnny Football though, well, if he finds continued success, the Browns are looking at a goldmine that would make Jerry Jones jealous.

[H/T BroBible, via YouTube]

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