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Kentucky And Wisconsin Governors’ Final Four Bet Is An Alcoholic Dream

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Cred: @rouxde

If you’re an alcoholic trying to stay on the wagon, or are a sensitive vegan, this Final Four bet isn’t for you. Kentucky governor Steve Beshear and Wisconsin governor Scott Walker are throwing down a bevy of beer, bourbon and brats for the Wildcats and Badgers’ national semifinal.

According to The Courier-Journal, Kentucky is staking “a fully stocked Kentucky bourbon bar” containing the following:

The Kentucky bourbon basket, created by the Kentucky Distillers’ Association from half of a Maker’s Mark barrel, includes Wild Turkey, Jim Beam, Bulleit Bourbon, Four Roses, Evan Williams, Elijah Craig and Town Branch along with bourbon-related glassware and apparel.

As for Wisconsin, America’s Dairyland is putting up a gaggle of beer, bratwurst and cheese. It may not be as heavy on the potent potables as Kentucky’s bourbon basket, but there are few things better than a beer-soaked brat with a basket of deep-fried cheese curds. Either side will make out nicely in this one.


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