Longhorn-Aggies Rivalry Springs Eternal With Maroon Bluebonnets Prank

Quite the epic and well-orchestrated prank is blooming on the University of Texas’ campus in Austin. Maroon bluebonnets (the color of rival Texas A&M) have started springing up near the school’s iconic bell tower. According to KEYETV, the flowers were planted a few years ago, but only recently have the maroon buds started germinating. Unfortunately for Longhorns, this problem may be perennial.

“It’s definitely going to get worse. They are going to keep multiplying,” Hogue said. “It is just a weird coincidence that the only place that we have them on campus that we know of is right by the tower.”

Longhorn-Aggies Rivalry

Johnny Manziel-Topiary

For the sanity of Texas fans everywhere, let’s hope Good Bull Hunting can’t predict the future.

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