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Mallory Edens Tribute Song Will Rock Your Socks Off


Mallory Edens burst on the scene like a supernova Tuesday night when she represented the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA Lottery. Before the event her twitter page had 249 followers; it now has over 41,000. So yeah, she’s become the Internet’s new love affair – so much so that this tasty tribute song was even created.

Not sure about you, but I dig it. The riff is familiar, and the tune reminds me of some old Misfits works. Maybe a little “Where Eagles Dare” meets “Horror Business” with some “She” sprinkled in – especially the lyrics about having a rich dad.

So thank you, Mallory Edens, for your beauty, immediate star power and work as a muse. But most of all, thank you for giving this writer an excuse to cruise through his punk backlog for an enjoyable comparison. This one’s for you.

[Redditor PunkyRooster]

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