March Madness Bracket Without Winner May Cost Fan $100,000

It really sucks to be Corey Johnson right now. He’s the fan with the nation’s fourth-best bracket, but is likely to lose out on $100,000 due to a glitch in the matrix. You see, while his bracket is still sparkling, Johnson’s championship pick didn’t save – therefore he’s SOL when the big game concludes tonight.

“I clicked UConn to win,” he says, “put in the final score, and clicked save. I guess it didn’t save.”

Johnson was unaware of the mistake until the tournament’s second weekend. The following according to Barry Petchesky of Deadspin:

Johnson, a lifelong Huskies fan from Meriden, Conn., didn’t realize anything was amiss until last week. As the tournament progressed, his hit rate was high—11 of the Sweet 16, seven of the Elite Eight—and he couldn’t help but brag to his friends. They looked at his bracket and had some uncomfortable questions.

Who do you have in the championship game? I said, ‘UConn and Kentucky’. Who do you have winning? I said, ‘UConn.’ They said, That’s not what it says here. I said, ‘Oh shit.'”

Sure enough, Yahoo hadn’t registered his pick of a champion. The bracket had locked before the opening round, and it was too late to add a pick …

Had he won, Johnson says he would have used a portion of the money to pay for his education. His description for losing the money is rather apropos.

“It was like hitting the winning shot, then being told the clock had already expired.”

Alas, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Below is a look at “Corey’s Championship Bracket” in the current standings.