Meryl Streep, 50 Cent and Kobe Bryant in the most incredible photo of all time

There have been plenty of incredible photos throughout the history of mankind, but what we have here just took everything to a completely different level.

Did you ever think you’d see Meryl Streep, 50 Cent and Kobe Bryant in one photo together? Neither did I.

50 cent meryl streep kobe bryant

This one will rewrite history books. Go hard, Streep.

Meryl Streep, 50 Cent Kobe Bryant

And of course Streep and 50 Cent sat court side at the Knicks-Lakers game.

meryl streep 50 cent

[Thanks to SB Nation for the historical moment, Photos via @50Cent]

  • ramdeesl

    What the hell is it with blond liberal white women and thugs???? Guilt trip??? dunnoo.

    • PissedoffinAZ

      WTF is it with people who don’t understand the fun of knowing people who aren’t exactly like them? “Dunnoo” much do you?

  • Richard Magnuson

    Three washed up idiots especially the blond idiot who dissed Walt Disney of all people. To think people support these fools with their hard earned money. Mind bogling.

    • PissedoffinAZ

      Walt Disney was not perfect, and he was not always good to women. The child, yes child, who voiced Snow White had to sign an agreement to never sing for anything else, because Walt wanted her voice to only be associated with his film. A bit selfish, don’t you think?

      • Richard Magnuson

        Excuse me parroting what other people say without doing a little research is not helpful. Those associates of Walt Disney categorically deny Streep’s assertion. These still living associates included female illustrators, etc who praised Walt Disney with breaking the male only craft. Annette would not wear even weasr a bikini in the Beach movies because of her respect for “Mr. Disney because she respected him so much – as a father figure, etc. I doubt an ogre would do so much great things for children. I imagine your enthusiasm is quenched should you ever attend Disneyland with unsubstantiated negative thoughts of a man who has been dead since 1966. What is it in America that we just need to bring down anyone who is a good person especially when they are dead? Interesting that Streep made her assertions of a man she never knew and she made them right after Walt’s brother Roy passed away. Didn’t have the guts to say these things while the other Mr. Disney was alive.



  • SportsChump

    The unlikeliest couple to be spotted at the Garden since Woody started sleeping with his stepdaughter.