MLB Team Territory Map: Atlanta Braves Have Largest Fan Base In Theory

The below image is a really cool map, illustrating the territory every MLB team covers.

Geographically, the Colorado Rockies cover the largest surface area, as Coors Field is the closest stadium to points in 12 different states. However, in regards to population, the Atlanta Braves reach the largest amount of people – and it’s not even close. The Braves touch nearly 30 million individuals in seven combined states. So, in theory, if every person rooted for the team closest to them, the Braves would have the largest fan base.

Next closest is Houston, which reaches just under 20 million people.

mlb territories population and surface area

If you live in the Chesapeake region and are confused as to whether you should pull for the O’s or the Nats, The Inquiring Investor also broke that down for you.

orioles nationals territory

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  • Eagle

    Sounds like the Rockies could be making a lot of money if they were actually serious about winning. Too bad!