Most Fans At World Cup: United States Leads All But Brazil

Of all the countries whose fans have traveled to the World Cup in Brazil, the United States dominates the amount of ticket buyers for the tournament. Outside of host country Brazil (who purchased over 1.3 million tickets), the USA has more than three times the amount of fan attendees than the next closest country, Argentina.

world cup fans

Sure, the US is either richer or closer in proximity (or both) than other countries in the tournament. And, yes, it does have a larger population than every other nation involved. But whatever, 200K Americanos getting down in Brazil isn’t anything to sneeze at.

Hit the music!

[Global Post]

  • sccrfan

    It should be noted that the United States is a nation of immigrants and thus it should be taken to account that a ticket bought by a U.S. citizen may not necessarily mean support for the American team. I am a U.S. citizen, but I have been raised to be team Mexico.