Some Streaker Got Cute And Ran Onto The Field During Saturday’s Braves Game

Apparently there was a streaker during Atlanta’s game against the Oakland A’s last night. During the sixth inning, the goon hopped over the Braves’ dugout down the right field line and literally hauled ass into the outfield. Police caught up with him somewhere between Jason Heyward and B.J. Upton (who is creeping even closer to the Mendoza line with a stunningly putrid .209 average, in case you were wondering).

I’m with Deadspin’s Sean Newell on this one: what the hell is so appealing about running naked onto the field? Getting pummeled by bouncers is bad enough, but the thought of getting bear maced while my junk gets throttled on the grass is enough to keep me happily buzzed in the stands.

Alas, I guess some folks get their jollies off sitting in the drunk tank with Nasty Nate.

As for the game, Atlanta closed out the A’s in dramatic fashion, 4-3, to claim the series, and the police did not arrest Upton for stealing $75 million under the guise of being a good ballplayer.