Only One Perfect March Madness Bracket Remains After Round 2 And It Looks Like This

There will be no overnight billionaire, for all those March Madness brackets have been busted. In fact, there is only one perfect remaining out of the Yahoo!, ESPN and Billionaire challenges. It belongs to a man named Brad; his lucky sheet is appropriately called “Brad’s Breathtaking Bracket.”

According to Lost Lettermen, the odds of picking the first 32 games correctly are 1 in 4.29 trillion, so hopefully Brad went out and grabbed a couple of celebratory beers last night. For his Final Four, the soothsayer has Florida (1 seed), Michigan State (4), Michigan (2), and Oregon (7). He has the Spartans beating the Wolverines for the title.

If you’ve ever wondered what a perfect bracket looks like, here you go.

only perfect bracket after field of 64 round 2

The oracle’s Twitter handle is @Brad_Binder_, and he’s amassed quite a following. For a fun read, keep track of his timeline as he chases destiny. As for the bracket, all we can say is:

[H/T Guyism/GIF via GIPHY]