Pat Narduzzi’s Wikipedia page predicts his future with Louisville

Pat Narduzzi is currently the defensive coordinator of the Michigan State Spartans, and also the luckiest man alive, per his Wikipedia page.

But try not to get used to Narduzzi’s name, because he is soon to be CARDuzzi, the new head coach of Louisville.

From the looks of it, Narduzzi’s Wikipedia page was trolled be a handful of fan bases. The first appears to be Louisville, then it looks like Floridas fan got their hands on it, and last, but certainly not least, a Kentucky fan.

Following is the update to his page, as well as the transcript below it.

pat narduzzi wikipedia page trolled

On Monday, January 6, 2013, Narduzzi was named luckiest man alive as well as head coach for the University of Louisville cardinals. immediately following this announcement, he changed his last name to CARDuzzi.

News out of Louisville is that Narduzzi has accepted the head coaching position at UofL though has informed University of Florida he would like to put his name in the race for the open position there next year. Getting a early start it appears.

Charlie Strong has also been in contact with Narduzzi letting him know UofL fans need to be more like University of Kentucky fans.