Photo: Sad Indiana fan at Syracuse game partially naked in underwear

Some things just can’t be explained. Take this Indiana fan at Tuesday night’s game against Syracuse. user Orange46R was lucky (or unlucky, depending on your taste) enough to have a seat near the girl for the festivities.

As the clock was ticking down on the 69-52 beat down, the girl decided it was time to get partially naked and stripped down to her underwear.

Orange46R recounts what they saw:

About 2 minutes left in the game I look to my right and this IU chick is sitting there in her bra and panties. I think she was sobbing a little. She had stripped down almost buck naked. As soon as the horn sounded she slipped her jeans and red IU t-shirt back on.

I would have asked her what the deal was but had to get out of there to run downhill past the 10K fans who had already left early and were going to make my 12 minute commute home take at least 15 minutes.

The lesson learned today: there’s never not a good time to get naked (we don’t advise you using this lesson in real life).

indiana fan underwear naked

[Thanks to Deadspin for the sexy hat tip]

  • dave

    indiana fans are weird

    • Zach

      No one Indiana fan is weired!

      • Zach


  • Str8_man

    A strange custom, but who am I to judge? Besides, in some cases, it would be a very good idea.

  • USA

    obamanomics at work. people be crazy when they know its ok to lie out of your ass

  • MostLikely

    Maybe she lost a bet