Photo: Little kid parties, chugs beer at Cleveland Browns tailgate

Call him a toddler. Call him a little kid. Call him what you want. The only thing he cares about is chugging this beer, tailgating, and a halfway decent Cleveland Browns team.

The party is on in Cleveland.

Little kid drinking beer at cleveland browns tailgate
[H/T: Deadspin]

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  • Pudgy Ashburton

    Beer helps ease the pain of being a Brown’s fan.

  • Tommy_Fitz

    Another future client for the local Rehb center………….

  • Steve Terrill

    Totally inappropriate and unnecessary to publish that photo. You must be desperate for readers to print trash like that, I am blocking Yardbarker from my e-mail server, bye!

    • Don Merkle

      Good for you Steve….it is wrong wrong to do that Yardbarker…YUH SUCK!!

      • boeningsol321

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        • Bob Schnier

          Your aunt is a ho, that’s where she gets her money.

    • Julian Ivey

      Settle down. I’m sure this picture won’t lead to more toddlers drinking beer. In fact, I bet the can is empty and the kid is just copying what he sees the adults there doing. My kids do that with empty soda cans all of the time.

      • estimated_prophet

        I have a friend who used to try to get pictures like that with my son when he was a toddler. Now he’s 21 but he doesn’t drink. No long-term damage!

    • @MrBergerud

      Calm down dude, it’s probably not even any beer left in that

      • Steve Terrill

        Doesn’t matter, its the perception. If that was your kid would you want a picture of him doing that on a national website

    • Richie Stasio

      I agree with you Steve. YardBarker and the parents of this toddler ought to be ashamed. I am sure the can is empty but it’s the principle of it. People who don’t think there is a problem with this photo just don’t get it nor ever will. Would it be appropriate if the toddler had an un-lit cig in his mouth too? Sad!

    • bibol

      It looks like somebody broke the law. By showing this picture the law can be informed.

  • David C Johnson

    I can’t blame him,he has to watch Weeden try to be a QB

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  • katwoman

    They do this in Pittsburgh, too. Hilarious!

  • Mike Smith

    it’s Bud Lite, not beer. his tastebuds for good beer are ruined.

  • GO Steelers!

    Give the kid a break, they dressed him in a Browns shirt.

  • Bob Schnier

    Time to call CPS.