Photo sharing app ‘Blend’ says Ohio State students need not apply

College rivalries know no bounds, and this latest run-in between Ohio State and Michigan proves as much. A former University of Michigan student created the “Blend” app, an amalgamation between Instagram, the early Facebook format (when only university email addresses could apply), and a social commerce site such as Fab. The catch: anyone who registers with an Ohio State address has their account deleted.

According to cofounder Akash Nigam, the site isn’t concerned about blocking the Buckeyes, even if it has upset some potential users.

“It’s like, look, let’s fix the problem for the people we care about, and we just don’t care about Ohio State,” says Nigam. “That’s what it comes down to. We said, ‘they probably shouldn’t be included in a cool product that we’re building.'”

“[Ohio State] hasn’t been too happy,” says Nigam. “I think on our Facebook some guy was like super angry and sent us a few messages, but, I mean … sucks to suck.”

When further pressed by Mashable about potentially allowing OSU fans in the future, Nigam flatly said “no” and “Go Blue.” For more on the app and how it operates, click here.

[Lost Lettermen]