Incredible photo of UNC fans celebrating Duke win in Chapel Hill streets

That whole “act like you’ve been there before” thing was thrown right out the window on Thursday night by UNC fans. Following the Tar Heels’ upset of No. 5 Duke, fans rushed the court and Twitter laughed. But outside of the arena, in downtown Chapel Hill, the scene was even more incredible. Fans packed the streets like a championship had just been won.

While everyone from Dick Vitale to Duke fans can hate on the court rush, this part of the celebration is pretty awesome. Let’s be honest, we all want to be a part of it.

Click on the photo for a larger version. 

unc fans celebrate downtown

[Photo via @RockChalkBlog]

  • john Vin

    In all honesty Duke is over rated once again. UNC won the game sure, but they didn’t beat a team deserving of a 5th ranking nationally. Duke is more of a 15-20 ranking team. Take the time to look at Duke’s opponents, especially pre-conference, the teams are each mediocre at best or worse (E. Carolina conference USA) in their respectful conferences. Most are from smaller conferences. Any formidable opponent has beaten Duke. Michigan is a big name in basketball, but again they’re 18-7. Not impressed with the UNC win although I was pulling for UNC.