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Photo: Vandals spray paint ‘FSU’ across walls of Auburn’s campus

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It appears that some vandals decided to tag Auburn by spray painting “FSU” across walls on campus.

There’s an easy way for students to fix this terribly uncreative prank: change it to “FSUcks + Bama too.” Then, if the Tigers win the championship, write the Iron Bowl and BCS final scores next to each.

Lemons. Lemonade.

*UPDATE* Following is more information on when the vandalism took place and a few more photos, courtesy of The War Eagle Reader.

Auburn student Christian Long, who reported that he found at least five instances of the graffiti, says an RA at his dorm claims the vandalism happened late Saturday night and into Sunday morning.

fsu auburn campus

fsu vandalism auburns campus

fsu graffiti auburn campus

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    Harvey Updyke was be up to his old tricks….

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