Photo: Wisconsin fans troll Bielemas hard with #Karma-carved pumpkin

Badgers fan and alum Jon Arens carved out the pumpkin below and tweeted his work to Outkick the Coverage’s Clay Travis. Wisconsin fans everywhere are stoked at Arens’ spook-tacular troll job of Jen Bielema.

Even sweeter, Arkansas is 0-5 since Bielema’s infamous tweet. #Karma indeed.

#Karma pumpkim

  • autigers2010champs

    In two weeks AU will give him more karma and shut his fat face

  • ChukyChez1

    I’m not angry for BB leaving UW for sooie land. It’s when he did it, & how he did it. He abandoned a program that had treated him well. It turned out to be our gain & his loss. To many butt kickings like last saturday, & you’ll know what it’s like to be abandoned. Go Badgers

  • dk

    He left a team that went to its 3rd straight Rose Bowl for a team that had just gone 4-8 and lost its quarterback, top receiver, and top running backs to the draft and a possible starting qb and 2nd receiver to transfers, the whole time trying to install a new system. He also inherited a defense that had been seriously neglected for years. I understand being bitter, and I’m sure I would be, too, but to judge him or his “karma” on this season is just stupid.