Photos: Chicago Bulls fan in Restoration-era costume gives Derrick Rose dap

CJ Fogler spotted arguably the most interesting fans we’ve seen on a Halloween full of spectacular costumes.

These three bros threw it back to the Victorian Restoration era this year during the New York Knicks-Chicago Bulls game on Thursday night. They went all out: not only did they rock old-school English clothing, but they even powdered their faces, put on lipstick, and rosied up their cheeks.

Let’s not forget about the wild white wigs and tiny, handheld glasses with which to watch the game.

victorian bulls costumes

Amanda Kaschube shared a photo of one of these dapper young dudes congratulating the Bulls’ superstar after he hit the game-winning shot to beat the Knicks, 82-81.

*UPDATE: Looks like we made a little mistake on the time period of these fans’ outfits. As Keith Olbermann brought to our attention in a (surprisingly) humorous segment – with pictures ripped from Wikipedia, no less – the costumes are from the Restoration Period. It turns out we were were off a couple of periods by calling it Victorian garb. Thanks for the history lesson, Keith. We’ve made the appropriate changes.

victorian bulls costumes rose