Rihanna’s Tweet Thanking Ronaldo, Varela For Goal Against USA Fails

Rihanna, who is from Barbados, which is nowhere near Portugal, apparently has a rooting interest in Cristiano Ronaldo’s team. After Ronaldo connected with Silvestre Varela for an equalizing goal against the USA in the last seconds of the match, Rihanna sent out the following tweet thanking the two players. Why? Who knows why. But the least she could do was spell Varela’s name right.

rihanna ronaldo varela tweet

There’s a lot of music out there that America could listen to instead of Rihanna.

Just saying.

  • NavymanBill

    Well said. Who needs her? Her fan base is here in the US where she makes her career. Biting the hand that feeds her. I will make sure I never watch or see or buy anything she does, and make sure my friends and family don’t either.

    • getoverit

      Don’t be stupid. That’s her personal opinion, as there is something called The Constitution that protects Freedom of Speech. Just because her fan base and her career resides in United States does not mean she HAS to support USA team. Don’t write fallacies.

      • NavymanBill

        And THIS IS MY opinion, rocket scientist!! I’m entitled to it, just as she is! Free country, right? If she had half a brain, she’d have kept her opinion to herself! Long ago, when asked to give money to the Democrats, Michael Jordan said “Republicans buy sneakers too! ” (Get it? It means, you don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you, as I said before! So, you and Rihanna can both get lost!

  • USA

    Rihanna and her five head should move to Portugal then and just sell albums there.

  • jswade

    Who cares what this idiot says anyway… People are way to into this social media crap… Now every time someone famous says anything on twitter it becomes big news like so and so made a racial comment or said a joke about gays…. Who cares… I don’t use face book or twitter or any of them and i still hear abpout peoples tweets because it actually makes the news… Why? I know it isn’t going to go away but sometimes I wish it would….

  • YoDudes

    Rhianna is just a name among many other that won’t stand the test of time.

  • the.ronin

    Can we deport this skank?

  • Josey

    I’m not really seeing what the big deal is here, so what she doesn’t want USA to win, he gives a frick, I’m rooting for Portugal too, oh no, make an article about my comment.

    • getoverit

      Exactly. You definitely got the essence of it. You support whatever team you want. You are not forced to support USA just because either you were born here, or so and so.

      • NavymanBill

        you can like whoever you like, BUT, public figures need to be carefulso they don’t piss off their fans. One last thing-Rihanna is from Barbados. Her rights as an American??? She isn’t American!!