San Antonio Spurs Fan Gets Epic ‘Mt. Spursmore’ Haircut

Thanks to his barber buddy Joe Barajas, San Antionio Spurs fan Mike Bazan now has the most epic haircut of the NBA Playoffs (sorry, Birdman). Featuring Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard, the new ‘do has been dubbed “Mt. Spursmore.”

Per Spurs Nation, the cut came about like this:

“I came up with the idea,” said Barajas, AKA Joe Barber. “I told him I’ve been wanting to do it. Mt. Rushmore, but Spurs. He’s going to the game (on Sunday). He asked me to do it, so we set it up. I always challenge myself to do something to separate myself from other barbers.”

According to Barajas, he considered adding Gregg Popovich, but didn’t have enough time. Call me a tough critic, but any Mt. Spursmore without Pop just ain’t right. Who picked this thing, LeBron?

Seriously, though, this is less a haircut and more a work of art. It’s damn impressive.