Seahawks Fan’s Prosthetic Eye Brings New Meaning To ‘Diehard Fan’

You can go ahead and file Seattle Seahawks supporter Bill VandenBush under “diehard fans.” Why, you ask? Because there can’t be too many folks out there sporting a prosthetic eye featuring their favorite team’s logo. Not only that, but VandenBush also nearly died when he had his sight taken from him in the Vietnam War.

VandenBush’s wife of 10 years surprised him with the Seahawks gift, according to Michael Fox of KIRO-TV.

For his 10th wedding anniversary on July 23, VandenBush’s wife surprised him with the eye he had set his sights on for years.

In 1969, VandenBush narrowly escaped death while fighting in Vietnam.

He recalls trying to rescue a crew of a downed helicopter when he was caught in gunfire.

“I was blown up and shot five times,” he said.

As a result of the blast, VandenBush was left without a right eye and lost his vocal cords.

Basically what you just read was: Bill VandenBush is a man’s man.

He plans on wearing his Seattle-designed eye during any Seahawks-inspired event.

VandenBush has two artificial eyes that he uses – one with the Seahawks logo while the other looks like a normal eye.

He says he plans on wearing the Seahawks eye for all the “special occasions.”

“Every game I’ll have it in, or any gathering with Seahawks’ fans present.”

Talk about a whole new meaning to the term “diehard fan.”