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South Carolina Fans Defend State House During Midnight Yell

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Cred: @sjarvis00

You didn’t think South Carolina fans were going to go quietly into the night and let the 12th Man take over the State House, did you? No way, Jose. The Gamecocks did exactly the opposite, showing up in droves to defend their home turf against the Aggies.

Judging from these videos captured by fans in attendance, the newly-formed rivalry between South Carolina and Texas A&M is off to a fantastic start.

And to the A&M fan who stated this, really?

Rivalries know no boundaries – even the young ones.

[SB Nation]

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What do you think?
  • Jeff

    What the hell did they expect doing “their thing” on USCe turf?

  • shd1963

    South Carolina has officially become the trashiest fan base in the SEC. Worse than LSU.

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